RoofLITE+ fe b300u

100% tightness

The Fenstro FE B300U skylight is designed to offer maximum tightness. It is manufactured made from high-quality, FSC-certified pine which undergoes an impregnation process during production. This ensures durability over many years. 

FE B300U skylights are distinguished by an integrated foil collar that ensures superior water tightness where it matters most – at the point where skylight and roof meet. This guarantees a tight installation and quick work flow.

Double glazing and a pre-installed collar

The FE B300U has double glazing for good thermal insulation. Meanwhile, its pre-installed collar offers a high level of tightness. A pre-installed foam gasket (which can be cut or removed) ensures a precise seal for the skylight in the roofing material.

Simple installation, convenient operation

FE B300U skylights come with a chrome steel handle which allows you to ventilate your space using two different open positions – upwards or sideways. FE B300U skylights open upwards as standard, with the option of changing the hinges to open sideways. 

Installation is very simple and each package comes with intuitive step-by-step instructions, making the process manageable even for those with little experience. FE B300U skylights can be installed in most common roofing types in roofs with pitches between 15° and 60°.

Available dimensions

45 x 55

45 x 73

65 x 65

85 x 85

48 x 90

90 x 48