Triple-glazed PVC roof window – energy-efficient and easy to maintain

Easy-to-maintain, energy-saving RoofLITE+ roof window

The RoofLITE+ TRIO PVC roof window is designed to offer the highest energy efficiency in the RoofLITE+ range, together with high weather resistance and enhanced moisture resistance.

Available dimensions

55 x 78

55 x 98

66 x 118

78 x 98

78 x 118

78 x 140

114 x 118

This high-quality window is perfect for the bathroom, laundry and any other room with a high level of humidity. The white finish also makes it perfect for the living room or bedroom. The standard thickness frame enhances the durability of the roof window over a long period of time.

Triple glazing = many advantages

The TRIO PVC roof window comes with a triple-glazed unit. This gives it very good thermal insulation parameters of Uw = 1.1 W/m²K, which is approximately 15% better than double glazing. The panes of the TRIO PVC roof window are coated with special low-emission coatings that have two functions. In summer, they prevent overheating by reducing the amount of heat that enters the room, while in winter they prevent heat from escaping outside. The toughened outer pane ensures the durability of the glazing unit even in the event of heavy hail.

Simple installation for all types of roofing

The RoofLITE+ TRIO PVC roof window is suitable for practically any roof with a pitch between 15° and 90°. With a wide range of installation flashings, you can easily find the right one.

Who is TRIO PVC for?

Wondering which roof window is right for you? If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and moisture-resistant model, choose TRIO PVC.

Contact our sales partner and see for yourself that RoofLITE+ are first-rate windows at a reasonable price.

Technical Specifications: TRIO PVC
Window Symbol APY
Pane Symbol B1500
Air Permeability Class 4
Resistance to Wind Load Class C3
Glazing Unit Design 33.2–14.5–4V6-(32)-4H
Noble Gas Argon
Number of Inter-Pane Cells [ pcs ] 2
Low-E Coating [ pcs ] 2
Window Material White PVC covering element, internally reinforced
Glazing Unit Triple-Glazed / Double Cell
Vent No
Toughened Outer Pane Yes
Guarantee 10 years
External Finish Aluminium Cladding, Grey, RAL 7043
Number of Gaskets [ pcs ] 4
Hinge Centre of Frame with Teflon Roller
Opening Mechanism Centre Pivot, Handle at Bottom of Sash
Operation Manual
Roof Pitch Angle 15-90°
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 0.54
Sound Reduction 33 (-1, -3) dB
Ug [ W/m²K ] for Pane 0,8 W/m²K
Uw [ W/m²K ] for Window 1,1 W/m²K
Microventilation in Handle Yes
Water Tightness E1500
Use Heated Lofts Where High Humidity is Possible
Bulk Packaging [ pcs ] Pallet. Window Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 55x78, 55x98, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 78x140, 114x118
Vacuum-Impregnated Wood No
Compatible Flashings LSX, TFX, FTX, UCX, UFX, SSX, SCX
Compatible Additional Flashings RUC, IFC
Compatible Convenient Accessories DUA, MIA, RHA, PAA, SSR, ZCA, ZIA
Frame Height A = 120 mm; TRIO = SOLID + triple glazing