The basic roof window model of the RoofLITE+ range, with a ventilation valve. Sunlight and fresh air at the best price. 

Available dimensions

55 x 78

55 x 98

66 x 118

78 x 98

78 x 118

78 x 140

114 x 118

RoofLITE+ SLIM VENT is the best choice for those looking for a roof window that is fitted with a ventilation valve and available at a competitive price. The SLIM VENT roof window has a centre pivot (hinges mounted at half window height) together with a handle at the base of the frame, making the window easy and convenient to use at any installation height. A handle with two ventilation positions and a ventilation valve installed in the upper part of the sash ensure an inflow of fresh air into the room without the need to open the window.

Reduced cost without reduction in quality

A feature that sets the SLIM VENT apart from other windows is its reduced-width SLIM frame. Despite its reduced frame thickness, the SLIM VENT has a high thermal insulation parameter of 1.3 W/m²K, thanks to its double glazing and two low-emission (heat-reflective) coatings. Its toughened external pane makes the glazing unit itself highly durable in all weather conditions, including hail.

RoofLITE+ SLIM VENT windows must be installed using a dedicated installation flashing kit, which ensures 100% tightness of fit between window and roof and enables you to enjoy a ten-year guarantee for the entire set. The flashing must be selected in accordance with the roofing material. Flashings

Technical Specifications: SLIM VENT
Window Symbol DVY
Pane Symbol B900
Air Permeability Class 4
Resistance to Wind Load Class C4
Glazing Unit Design 4-16-4H
Noble Gas Argon
Number of Inter-Pane Cells [ pcs ] 1
Low-E Coating [ pcs ] 2
Window Material Pine
Glazing Unit Double-Glazed/Single Cell
Vent Yes
Toughened Outer Pane Yes
Guarantee 10 years
External Finish Aluminium Cladding, Grey, RAL 7043
Number of Gaskets [ pcs ] 4
Hinge Centre of Frame with Teflon Roller
Opening Mechanism Centre Pivot, Handle at Bottom of Sash
Operation Manual
Roof Pitch Angle 15-90°
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 0.55
Sound Reduction 32 (-1, -5) dB
Ug [ W/m²K ] for Pane 1,0 W/m²K
Uw [ W/m²K ] for Window 1,3 W/m²K
Microventilation in Handle Yes
Water Tightness E1350
Use Heated Loft Spaces
Bulk Packaging [ pcs ] Pallet. Window Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 55x78, 55x98, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 78x140, 114x118
Vacuum-Impregnated Wood Yes
Compatible Flashings LSX, TFX, FTX, UCX, UFX, SSX
Compatible Additional Flashings RUC, IFCS
Compatible Convenient Accessories DUA, MIA, RHA, PAA, SSR
Frame Height D = 91 mm; SLIM = Narrow Frame