RoofLITE+ MOE B1010

A wooden, white roof window with a raised pivot – an excellent view combined with emergency roof access

The RoofLITE+ MOE B1010 roof window sash is supported at ¾ frame height and opened using telescopic raisers. (In a classic roof window, the sash is installed at half window height.) This installation allows a panoramic view to be achieved when the window is open, as it is not obstructed by the sash. In an emergency, this type of window also allows you to get out of the room and onto the roof.

Available dimensions

78 x 140

White finish

RoofLITE+ MOE B1010 windows are manufactured from wood and painted in white. The result is a natural look that is also compatible with modern interiors. For fans of a traditional finish, a twin window is available with clear lacquer finish. MOE B1000

The window handle is installed at the bottom of the MOE B1010 window, and the window itself can be installed in roofs with a pitch of 15° to 90°. This makes the window a universal solution for most projects, and it is also convenient to operate even in high-level installations where top-operated windows can be inconvenient.

The MOE B1010 has a ventilation valve mounted at the top of the sash. This allows an inflow of fresh air into the room without the need to open the window.

Proven installation system

MOE B1010 windows use a proven installation method which, together with the clear instructions included with each window, means that installation requires very little experience.

The RoofLITE+ MOE B1010 window has a standard frame width that provides high thermal insulation parameters of Uw = 1.3 W/m²K. The window is also resistant to the most adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain and strong winds. The toughened outer pane is also resistant to hail and branches. Meanwhile, the window’s laminated (bonded) inner pane ensures safety even in the unlikely event of breakage, by preventing small glass shards from falling into the room.

Who is the MOE B1010 for?

Looking for a window with top hinges that fits in with a modern interior? The MOE B1010 gives you both.

Technical Specifications: SOLID VISION WHITE
Window Symbol MOE
Pane Symbol B1010
Air Permeability Class 4
Resistance to Wind Load Class C4
Glazing Unit Design 4-16-4H
Noble Gas Argon
Number of Inter-Pane Cells [ pcs ] 1
Low-E Coating [ pcs ] 2
Window Material Pine
Glazing Unit Double-Glazed/Single Cell
Vent Yes
Toughened Outer Pane Yes
Guarantee 10 years
External Finish Aluminium Cladding, Grey, RAL 7043
Number of Gaskets [ pcs ] 4
Hinge Centre of Frame with Teflon Roller
Opening Mechanism Centre Pivot, Handle at Bottom of Sash
Operation Manual
Roof Pitch Angle 15-55°
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 0.52
Sound Reduction 34 (-1, -5) dB
Ug [ W/m²K ] for Pane 1,0 W/m²K
Uw [ W/m²K ] for Window 1,3 W/m²K
Microventilation in Handle Yes
Water Tightness E1350
Use Heated Loft Spaces
Bulk Packaging [ pcs ] Pallet. Window Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 78x140
Vacuum-Impregnated Wood Yes
Compatible Flashings LSX, TFX, FTX, UCX, UFX, SSX
Compatible Additional Flashings RUC, IFC
Compatible Convenient Accessories DUA, MIA, RHA, PAA, SSR
Frame Height A = 120 mm, SOLID = Standard Frame