Roof windows come with many advantages – they allow light and fresh air into your room. Unfortunately, especially in summer, they can also let in uninvited guests such as mosquitoes and midges, which can really disturb your peace and quiet in your loft space.

No more uninvited guests



Fortunately, a solution is available which effectively blocks insects from entering your space while still enabling you to ventilate it by opening your roof window. This is the ZIA insect screen, which is installed from inside the room.

High quality = high durability

The ZIA insect screen is manufactured from high-quality black mesh, the dimensions of which have been adjusted to prevent insects from entering while still allowing air to flow freely. Its guides, which are manufactured from aluminium, allow the screen to be opened and closed smoothly.

Easy installation

The kit comes ready to install and mounts to the window recess, thereby effectively protecting your room even when the window is open. The product is available in a wide range of sizes – simply choose the right one for your needs, based on the height and width of your window recess.