RoofLITE+ ZCA 200

Telescopic roof window opener

Roof windows are a solution that enables light and fresh air to be let into a loft space. For this to be possible, it is important to be able to open the windows; unfortunately though, when the window is installed at a high elevation or in a difficult-to-access location, this can be a challenge. In cases like these, the ZCA 200 telescopic opener is here to help.

Every window at your fingertips
The ZCA 200 opener, thanks to its telescopic structure, allows you to reach up to 180 cm further than the hand itself. So it allows you to reach for really high-mounted windows. And when we do not use it, it only takes 100 cm.

Easy to use
To use the opener, simply lock it in one of four positions and attach the special window handle gripper. Furthermore, the ZCA 200’s special end component enables convenient operation of DUA and PAA blinds, as well as opening and closing of ventilation valves (if the window is fitted with these). The RoofLITE+ range also includes an electric opener which enables you to control your windows remotely.