RoofLITE+ AMC100

Kit for converting your window to electrical opening

The RoofLITE+ AMC100 electric opener significantly increases the comfort of using a roof window installed in an elevated position. The window is opened and closed by means of a remote control. The system is io-homecontrol® compatible, which means that operation is also possible via a compatible app.

Complete kit

In addition to a motor, driver, and remote control, the kit includes a rain sensor which closes the window automatically in the event of rainfall. This allows you to air rooms worry-free – even when you aren’t at home.

Easy installation

The kit is easy to install and start using, with a power cable and plug included. The remote control is pre-paired with the motor.

The AMC100 is compatible with wooden and PVC windows in the SOLID and TRIO series (with a standard frame). It cannot be installed in conjunction with windows from the SLIM series.

Please be aware that windows converted to electrical opening can no longer be operated manually following conversion.