A way to diffuse light without total blackout

The manually operated interior RHA roller blind protects your room from direct sunlight, but without a 100% blackout effect. The perfect solution for a home office, living room, or any other space where computers or televisions are used, for example.

Available colours



We recommend installing the RHA on a single window together with an MIA external anti-heat blind. This ensures both comfort on sunny days and privacy.

The RoofLITE+ RHA roller blind can be locked in one of four positions – from fully open to full shading, ensuring diffusion of light and privacy, with two intermediate positions. The blind is locked by hooking it onto the window frame hooks.

Durability and quality

The RHA roller blind is manufactured from durable, dirt-resistant polyester and fitted with a robust roller mechanism. This ensures the reliability of the product over a long period of use – backed with a two-year guarantee.

Popular colours and full compatibility

The RHA roller blind is available in two colours:

4312 – Dark Blue 

4219 – Beige 

RHA blinds are a universal solution – they are compatible with all RoofLITE+ windows, and also with the majority of popular VELUX®, FAKRO®, and Keylite® models.