A solar powered electric roller blind for flat roof windows

Flat roof windows are an increasingly popular solution. which makes it possible to unlock new potential in a home by letting in additional light. Sometimes, though, there can be too much light – and in this case, FSA blinds are indispensable.

Available colours


Electrical, environmentally friendly, effective, elegant

Electrically operated (using a wall switch), the blind is solar powered and does not require connection to an electricity supply, making it environmentally friendly. 

In addition, the blind is manufactured from high-quality double-pleated material which, thanks to an additional embedded aluminium layer, blocks up to 51% more solar heat than conventional material.

The guides are manufactured from high–quality aluminium, guaranteeing a long, trouble-free service life.

The blind is available in two colours – black and white.

Easy installation

With no need to connect it to a power supply, the blind is easy to install. The kit includes an easy-to-follow user guide which illustrates the installation process step-by-step.

The blind also has an inbuilt battery, so that it can be used worry-free at night or on a cloudy day.