Kit for replacing an existing roof window with a new roof window

Roof windows are a durable structural element of a building. With a little maintenance, they are able to perform problem-free for more than a decade. 

After this period, however, it’s worth considering replacing your roof window with a new one – this brings two major benefits. Firstly, it improves the energy balance of your loft significantly, as modern RoofLITE+ windows outperform windows manufactured 20 years ago, for example. Secondly, by replacing them you can be confident that you won’t have to worry about the tightness of the installation over the coming decade. 

Universal set = easy replacement

RoofLITE+ RFX renovation flashing is designed to replace an existing roof window without the need for drilling or painting. It requires no interference with your existing roof structure, which makes the process simple and time-saving. The set consists of three parts:

  • A wooden adapter that allows you to fit a new window to an existing roof opening
  • An adapter for flashing that guarantees the tightness of your new window
  • Brackets that allow the windows to be fixed to counter-battens

The RFX set can be used to install a new RoofLITE+ window in place of an old window from any manufacturer. It is also compatible with most common roofing materials with a profile height of up to 120 mm.

For proper roof window replacement, in addition to a RoofLITE+ roof window and an RFX set you will also need one of the standard RoofLITE+ installation flashings designed to match the type of roofing material involved.