A flashing necessary for the installation of the RoofLITE + roof window in a flat roof.

The LSX model will work well when we want to install a window in flat coverings, e.g. asphalt, shingle, slate with a profile height of 0 to 16 mm (2 x 8 mm). It is distinguished by a one-piece side element which significantly accelerates the work progress.


  • installation in roofs with a slope of 15 to 90 degrees
  • up to 15 minutes faster installation compared to a flange with segmented side pieces
  • compatible with coverings with a profile height of 0 to 16 mm (2×8 mm)
    easy installation
  • the absence of an apron ensures perfect tightness with a flat roofing material
  • resistance to weather conditions (fully waterproof) and UV radiation
    does not contain lead

Available dimensions

55 x 78

55 x 98

66 x 118

78 x 98

78 x 118

78 x 140

114 x 118

Technical Parameters: LSX
Use Individual
Flashing Material Aluminium
Type of Roofing Material Flat Roofing Material (asphalit, shingle, slate)
Flashing Designation Integral Part of Roof Window, Used for Achieving a Tight Seal between Window and Roofing Material
Roofing Material Height [ mm ] 0-16 (2xB)
Water Tightness [ % ] 100
Resistant to UV Radiation and all Weather Conditions
Roof Pitch 15°-90°
Exterior Appearance Powder-Coated, Dark Grey / Graphite Grey – RAL 7043
Screws in Colour of Cladding
Top Hood Equipped with a Replaceable Anti-Dust Seal and a Capillary Trough
Additional Function Numbered Flashing Elements in Roof Mounting Sequence
Number of Components in Flashing Package [ pcs ] 7
Flashing Weight [ kg/depending on size ] 2.3-3.3
Components of Bottom Flashing Element Flat Sheet
Contains Lead No
Sheet Thickness [ mm ] 0,5 - 0,75
Packaging Flashing Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 55x78, 55x98, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 78x140, 114x118
Vertical Trough Size [ mm ] Not Applicable
Combination Type Not Applicable
Additional Feature Sides of Flashing Adapted for Profiled Roofing Materials
Butyl Belt Not Required
Finish Aesthetically Crafted Components