A thermal insulation collar made of foamed polyethylene is recommended for the installation of every roof window in order to increase the level of insulation between the window and rafters. The IFC / IFCS flashing forms a tight frame around the window, thus reducing heat loss and protecting the interior against moisture. The IFC / IFCS collar is the perfect complement to the RUC vapor permeable collar.


  • reduces heat loss
  • forms a tight frame around the window ideally suited to the size of the window frame
  • it facilitates and speeds up the exact installation.
  • IFCS fits windows with “SLIM” frame – SLIM PINE and SLIM VENT IFC matches the rest of the RoofLITE + range

Available dimensions

55 x 78

55 x 98

66 x 118

78 x 98

78 x 118

78 x 140

114 x 118

Technical Parameters: IFC
Use Individual
Flashing Material Foamed Polyethylene
Type of Roofing Material All Roofing Material
Flashing Designation Systemic Roof Window Warming
Roof Material Height [mm] Not Applicable
Water Tightness [ % ] Not Applicable
Resistant to Not Applicable
Roof Pitch 15°-90°
Exterior Appearance Tight thermal collar around window (including corners)
Top Hood Not Applicable
Additional Function Quick Installation
Number of Components in Flashing Package [ pcs ] 4
Flashing Weight [ kg/depending on size ] 0,5
Components of Bottom Flashing Element Not Applicable
Contains Lead Not Applicable
Sheet Thickness [ mm ] Not Applicable
Packaging Flashing Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 55x78, 55x98, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 78x140, 114x118
Vertical Trough Size [ mm ] Not Applicable
Combination Type Not Applicable
Additional Feature Not Applicable
Butyl Belt Not Required
Finish Not Applicable