CLX exterior cladding kit for RoofLITE+ windows

The RoofLITE+ CLX cladding kit is used to finish the installation of a RoofLITE+ roof window when the original RoofLITE+ flashing is not used for installation.

Everything you need

Includes five components

  • Covering element for bottom of frame
  • Covering elements for sides of frame (left and right)
  • U-type covering elements for top of frame
  • Top hood
  • Installation screws

Fully compatible with RoofLITE+ windows

The CLX collar fits all RoofLITE+ window models, both wooden and PVC. It is painted in grey (RAL 7043), which is compatible with original RoofLITE+ roof window cladding.


When using a dedicated RoofLITE+ installation flashing, there is no need to purchase CLX, as the components required for installation are supplied with the flashing.