RoofLITE+ FRE B600

Electric flat glass roof window

The electric FRE window is the perfect solution for letting extra light and fresh air into a flat-roofed building. It unlocks the full potential of your home and enables a wide range of bold layouts.

Available dimensions

60 x 60

60 x 90

80 x 80

90 x 90

90 x 120

100 x 100

100 x 150

120 x 120

Maximise your advantages

The FRE electric flat glass roof window has a special frame design which extends into the room, making it more effective at bringing light into your space than some of our competitors’ products. The electrically operated upper section allows the window to be tilted 0–20 cm, enabling fresh air to enter. 

The external pane surface has a special self-cleaning coating that significantly reduces the need to clean the window.

An additional advantage of the window’s advanced glazing unit and insulation-filled covering elements is its high noise reduction coefficient, which means that rainfall and road noise are largely suppressed.

Durable, safe design

The FRE window is manufactured from high-quality PVC with extra insulation inside the covering elements to ensure high quality. It consists of two components: an electrically opening roof window with the FRE symbol, which has a laminated pane, and a flat glass module with the FGT200 symbol, which has a toughened pane. This combination provides enhanced glass breakage resistance and eliminates the risk of broken glass falling into the room. Both components are necessary for proper installation.

Ventilation on demand

The window is operated using a wireless wall switch supplied with the window.  The remote control is factory-paired with the window and the entire system is io-Homecontrol® compatible.

In the event of rain, the window closes automatically thanks to a factory-fitted rain sensor.

The drive motor and cables are hidden in the window frame to give the window an attractive appearance from the inside.

A universal solution that’s easy to install

FRE windows can be installed in most roofs with a pitch of between 5° and 15°. They use the classic installation method, enabling every roofer and installer to install them effortlessly. Installation instructions and all necessary screws and drill bits are supplied with each window.

Technical Specifications: FRE FLAT ROOF ELECTRIC
Window Symbol FRE
Pane Symbol B600
Air Permeability Class 4
Resistance to Wind Load Class C3
Glazing Unit Design 4-12-3HS-12-3H
Noble Gas Argon
Number of Inter-Pane Cells [ pcs ] 2
Low-E Coating [ pcs ] 2
Window Material White PVC covering element, internally reinforced
Glazing Unit Triple-Glazed / Double Cell
Vent No
Toughened Outer Pane Yes
Guarantee 10 years
External Finish Aluminium Cladding, Grey, RAL 7043
Number of Gaskets [ pcs ] 4
Hinge Centre of Frame with Teflon Roller
Opening Mechanism Centre Pivot, Handle at Bottom of Sash
Operation Electrical
Roof Pitch Angle 5-15°
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 0.54
Sound Reduction 33 (-1, -3) dB
Ug [ W/m²K ] for Pane 0,8 W/m²K
Uw [ W/m²K ] for Window 1,1 W/m²K
Microventilation in Handle Yes
Water Tightness E1500
Use Heated Lofts Where High Humidity is Possible
Bulk Packaging [ pcs ] Pallet. Window Packed in Cardboard Packaging
Available Sizes [ cm ] 0606, 0808, 0609, 0909, 0912, 1010, 1015, 1212
Vacuum-Impregnated Wood No
Compatible Flashings FRC.F
Compatible Additional Flashings FRF
Compatible Convenient Accessories FGT B200, FSA
Frame Height A = 120 mm, TRIO = SOLID + triple glazing