An external anti-heat blind (manually operated) that protects your room against excessive heat.

Available colours


Protection against overheating and direct UV radiation

A roof window is the perfect way to let light and fresh air into your loft. On summer days, however, it may happen that too much sunlight enters the room, causing the interior to overheat. The MIA external anti-heat blind is an excellent solution for situations like these, blocking up to 80% of solar rays before they reach the surface of your window pane. Importantly, the blind is one centimetre wider than the pane on each side, which means that it also functions when the window is open. The MIA also has two additional benefits:

  • It effectively shades the interior while still ensuring visibility through the window
  • It protects against UV rays and dampens noise in rainy weather

It pairs perfectly with an internal roller blind

The MIA can be used in combination with all RoofLITE+ windows. It can be installed on a single window together with any internal roller blind (DUA or RHA), creating a combination that ensures comfort and privacy under all conditions.

When not in use, the anti-heat blind can be rolled up into a housing mounted on the upper external part of the roof window. In winter, the housing protects the mesh from freezing to the pane and being damaged by snow. The blind is extremely easy to use – simply open the window and fasten the blind to the hooks fitted at the bottom of the window frame.

High quality and durability

The MIA anti-heat blind is manufactured from durable material that is resistant to atmospheric conditions, and its housing is designed for use in varying weather conditions including rain and snowfall. Both the blind and the housing are resistant to UV radiation.

The anti-heat blind is available in a single colour – black (code 4260). The housing is finished in the same colour as the roof window cladding (RAL7043 – grey). Installation is extremely intuitive and can be carried out in full from inside the room.