100% Compatible with all RoofLITE+ windows

Sometimes, especially on hot, sunny days, an internal blind may not be sufficient to fight the heat that is attempting to enter through your roof window. In this case, an anti-heat blind or roller shutter for RoofLITE+ roof windows is indispensable. The anti-heat blind blocks up to 80% of the sun’s rays before they hit the outer roof window pane, effectively reducing the temperature inside the room. It also works when the window is tilted, as it is 1 cm wider on each side than the glass surface. If you want to block the sun’s rays even more effectively and get additional benefits, then opt for a solar-powered electric RoofLITE+ roller shutter. Not only does this completely shut out the sun’s rays, it also ensures increased safety and effective sound insulation of the window. Both solutions are extremely easy to install and are compatible with all RoofLITE+ roof windows. They can also be combined with any internal blind.