The basic roof window model of the RoofLITE+ range, with a ventilation valve. Sunlight and fresh air at a superior price. 

The RoofLITE+ SLIM VENT is a centre pivot window (hinges mounted at half window height) manufactured from sustainably sourced pine wood that has undergone an impregnation process during production, ensuring that it remains durable and robust over many years.

Features that set the SLIM VENT apart include a reduced-width SLIM frame and a ventilation valve built into the upper part of the sash. The first gives the window a contemporary appearance when viewed from inside, in addition to a highly favourable price. Meanwhile, the ventilation valve provides increased comfort for everyday use.

Despite its reduced frame thickness, the SLIM VENT has a high thermal insulation parameter of 1.3 W/m²K, thanks to its double glazing and two low-emission (heat-reflective) coatings. Its toughened external pane makes the glazing unit itself highly durable in all weather conditions.

A handle mounted at the base of the sash ensures convenient operation at any installation height. The handle has two ventilation positions which allow an inflow of fresh air into the room without the need to open the window.

Like all RoofLITE+ windows, the SLIM VENT DVY B900 is covered by a 10-year guarantee (provided that it is installed using an original RoofLITE+ flashing).

When selecting a RoofLITE+ roof window, don't forget to explore our range of dedicated accessories that make daily use more comfortable. We especially recommend our set consisting of a DUA blackout blind in combination with an MIA external antiheat blind. This guarantees both privacy and protection from overheating for your room.


Size code C2A C4A F6A M4A M6A M8A S6A
W x H (cm) 55 x 78 55 x 98 66 x 118 78 x 98 78 x 118 78 x 140 114 x 118